Teresa and I returned to the Netherlands in October of 2018. After 6 months of living in a recreation home, we purchased a condo in the city of Rijswijk, near The Hague. At that time we advised the U.S. moving company to ship the 20’ container with all our possessions to The Netherlands. We were able to track the container, and found out it moved practically all over the world, and finally arrived at our new home early July 2019.

One item in the container was my old Koga Miyata racing bike, which I had bought in the 1970’s. I took the bike to the local bike shop, to service it and replace all the cables, chain, tires, etc. At first it was hard getting used to my bike, but after a while it started to feel like in the “old” days again.

However, I started looking at the modern day bikes, and found that they had a lot of updated features that made biking more comfortable. After shopping around early 2020, I found a beautiful CUBE bike, but due to the COVID situation, the factory was not able to deliver the bike because of a shortage of parts from China. Months later, I found another bike, the Merida Scultura 5000, which had all the features and colors I liked. I received this bike in October 2020, and have been riding it ever since. The major item I had to get used to was clicking into and out of the pedals of the bike. For months I was nervous about clicking out of the pedals when I had to stop at a traffic light, or make sudden stops. Fortunately my fear for this subsided after a while, and I could concentrate on enjoying my biking adventures!

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