Tuttle Creek Ashram, September 13, 2018

After finally having climbed to the top of Red Hill, Jorge and I drove to Lone Pine, to check into the Dow Villa Hotel. We were told that our room was not ready yet, so we decided to do another short hike to the Tuttle Creek Ashram built on a stunning ridge below Mount Langley. We parked on the dirt road leading up to the actual trailhead for the Ashram. The road climbed steeply uphill for about a mile and a half to the actual beginning of the trail, where we took a small break. From there, the trail became easier, and after crossing a creek we reached the Ashram building. Philosopher Franklin Merrell-wolff and his wife Sarah Merrell, with the help of dozens of people, spent two decades building the Ashram until Sarah became too sick to continue with the work. For several years the building was vandalized, but fortunately the Forest Service saw the historical significance of the building and it has been suggested for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

After spending some time inside the Ashram and enjoying the wonderful views, we headed down the same trail back to the truck for the short drive to Lone Pine. The room we got was very large with a bedroom, living area, kitchen and pantry room with large refrigerator and microwave. The only thing we thought missing was an extra bed for me. Back at the reception we asked about this, and were told the couch in the living area had a pull-out bed. Duh….

Relieved I did not have to sleep on the floor, we walked across the street for dinner at the Lone Pine Pizza Factory. Back at the hotel, we relaxed in our rooms until it was time to go to sleep.