Visiting the BB Museum Overvoorde, Rijswijk on July 5, 2020

On several of my short walks around the neighborhood parks I passed by a museum that seemed always to be closed.  In last week's local paper I noticed an article which mentioned the opening of the museum on July 5, so I decided to check it out.  The Bunker complex Park Overvoorde / Command post Rijswijk is one of the visitor locations of the Museum Population Protection (B.B.). A unique complex where World War II and Cold War meet. 

The former B.B. complex Overvoorde is a unique location where time seems to have stood still. The command post in Rijswijk originated at the beginning of the Second World War. Various German bunkers have been built on the site, including an eavesdropping and radio station for the benefit of the Luftwaffe. During the Second World War, this played an important role in the interception of Allied radio messages and the provision of German message traffic.

After the war, various activities were carried out by the B.B. The site has buildings that the B.B.-management could use in the performance of its duties. Bunker complex Overvoorde consists of two underground former command posts, a training ruin and a teaching accommodation, where many B.B.-ers have had their education and training.

The nuclear bunker, which came into use in 1969, is again fully equipped as an operational command post for the B.B. There is also a small but well-appointed museum on the site, where you can get an idea of ​​the tasks of the B.B. Of all the services of the former Population Protection organization, you will see a selection of equipment that has been used. In addition, you will see the layout of a simple shelter and you will also see what consequences a nuclear weapon attack would have had.

The one and a half hour tour was very interesting and well worth the visit.