September 29, 2018.  Highest waterfall in the Netherlands.

After an exhausting couple of days of traveling, Teresa and I finally arrived in the Netherlands, and promptly slept the next 24 hours!  Unfortunately today Teresa is coming down with a bad cold and fever.  Uggh!!

With the weather being perfect, I went for a short walk to see the highest waterfall in the Netherlands.  For anyone who knowns anything about the country, it is astonishing to find there actually is a waterfall at all!  The waterfall is situated halfway between Beekbergen and Loenen.  From the parking lot it is an easy couple of hundred yards to the waterfall.  The waterfall was built in 1869 to ensure a constant water flow for the Apeldoorn canal.  The falls drop about 15 meters over stairs built into the ground.

After admiring the "spectacular" falls for a while I followed the path deeper into the forest, where I encountered several different kinds of mushrooms, which was a nice bonus!

Fall in the Netherlands - Slide Show