I decided to do a 10 mile hike from the town of Dieren.  This hike was listed as a Six Veluwse Bergen (mountains)  hike, going through spectacular old growth forests, and crossing six "mountains".  To call them mountains is somewhat of an exaggeration, they are slight inclines to an otherwise very flat walk.  The mountains are: My Ladyberg, Prins Willemberg, Wevers- en Vossenbergen, Geitenberg en Carolinaberg.  Unfortunately non of the "peaks" were marked, so it was impossible to determine which hill you were on. 

The hike itself was beautiful, mainly due to the fabulous fall colors.  Also, I saw only a few other walkers and no wild animals, even though there were quite a lot of signs with warnings about animal encounters.  It felt like I was walking through  woods that have not been touched for centuries (except for the numerous tracks crisscrossing everywhere).

The 10 mile hike took me 3.5 hours to complete.  Total ascent for the day, a whopping 377 feet.