Back into the mountains again today. Rather than taking the bus to the starting point of the trail, we decided to walk the whole way. After getting out of town we walked through a beautiful wooded forest steeply uphill to Rifugio L. de Aial with it's wonderful small lake, where we off course had... coffee and apple pie!

From there the trail became very steep still walking through a wonderful forest until we reached an open area with a cabin and water trough, where I drank at least 2 quarts of water being totally dehydrated from the climb and humidity.

After the break we continued uphill until we finally reached the tree line and got our first view of Cinque Torri, an interesting rock formation popular with rock climbers. Just below the rocks is Rifugio Cinque Torri, where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch of home made ravioli.

Right after lunch it started to rain, and we quickly changed into our rain gear, walking up the hill to Rifugio Averau a grest spot to dry out a little and warm up with life music and tea with pie. After a while we decided to bite the bullet and climb very steeply up the rock ridge to Rifugio Nuvolau, perched right at the summit. It was built in 1883, and has limited water and a very small washing facility that you have to access by going outside!

The incredible setting of the place makes up for the small inconveniences though!!