Got up early to pack up our gear and after a wonderful breakfast, we were ready to hit the trail! The weather was perfect, clear skies made for beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Once we arrived at the official starting point of the Trek, the trail became quite steep and rocky.

Almost immediately the weight of my backpack started to slow me down and I was not able to get into any kind of rhythm. Even though it was slow going, I did enjoy the increasingly spectacular surroundings the higher we went. After many zigzags and climbing up a steep a rock face, we reached a saddle called Forcella Sora Forn where we took a short break, before tackling the very steep climb to the top of Croda del Becco at 2810 meters.

The climb to the top was pretty amazing, with one section with a metal rail for support, after which the ridge becomes less steep. The views from the top were spectacular, looking straight down to the lake far below where we had started early this morning. After a while we dropped back down the ridge and stopped at Rifugio Biela for a well deserved lunch. The half liter of coke we each ordered was gone within a few minutes!

After lunch we walked the final 2 miles along the back side of Croda del Becco to Rifugio Sennes where we spent the night. The beautiful Rifugio sits at the edge of a beautiful meadow which was full of wild flowers.