After a good night of sleep and an excellent breakfast, started out through a wonderful meadow full of wild flowers. The weather was great, and we followed the path going mostly downhill through the woods, with views of a nice stream and waterfall. The final stretch to our first stop at Rifugio Pederu consisted of a staggering series hairpins with loose gravel.

At the Rifugio we had coffee and apple pie, which would become standard fare at all our stops during the Trek. From Pederu, the trail climbs steeply along several landslides, through a wooded area and a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. Around noon time we stopped at a restaurant for a wonderful lunch. Next, we had only a short walk through a nice area with several streams, ponds, and free roaming cows until we reached our destination for the day: Rifugio Lavarella.

After dropping our gear into a very small private room, we decided to explore the area around the Rifugio, enjoying the numerous small water falls. Back at the Rifugio, we played several games of checkers and had a wonderful dinner of pasta and dessert.