Looked out the window: No Rain, No Snow!! We quickly got ready and went downstairs for the best breakfast we had in all Rifugios. We even got some fresh fruit! Shortly after, we left the Rifugio and walked downhill along the road to the trail which climbed steeply and slippery uphill through the woods to the col Forcella Dagarei. Walking in and out sections of trees and crossing a moraine and through a rough and wet section of uphill climbing through more trees we reached Malga Mochesin which a had badly needed water trough, since I was completely dehydrated due to the humidity.

After the short break, we pressed on continuing uphill on a good trail passing an old ruin of World War 1 barracks. Here we could see our goal: Cime de Zita, high above shrouded in clouds. Following the now very narrow trail we kept climbing steadily uphill, dropping down, and up again to a junction. At this point it started to rain, and we hurried down into a grassy, very muddy, basin to Rifugio Pamperet.

Inside, we ordered the usual coffee (extra large) and apple pie. We asked the owner about the conditions on the mountain, but did not get any solid info, so we decided to keep going. Back outside, we climbed steadily uphill to col Portela dei Pezedei. Now being above the clouds the rain had stopped, and we climbed over slabs, following the waymarks painted on rocks. We crossed some snow fields where we lost our sense of direction. After looking around for a bit we saw the waymarks again, and climbed very steeply op to a col on the ridge.

The views from this ridge should have been amazing, but unfortunately the clouds below were in the way. Climbing further up over a short exposed section we reached the top of Forcella de Zita Zud. This is the last high mountain spot on the AV1, and it was a little disappointing that the views were not what they should have been. The rest of today's walk was all downhill. the trail was hard to follow, and after a while we stopped at a huge drop-off, realizing we were way off trail. Looking around, I found the trail far to our right. Clambering back up a bit, we hit the trail and followed it down several large scree slopes. The trail became more and more faint and switched back and forward steeple downhill. The rain had made this part of the trail very slippery and treacherous, and at one point I slipped and fell on my butt! Fortunately nothing serious happened, and after a slow but exhausting hike down, we reached Rifugio Plan de Fontana.

This Rifugio has very limited services, and the lady in charge took us to one of the huts where we would share bunk beds, and told us there was no hot water available. That was just great! Being very muddy and sweaty, and not able to have a decent shower. We cleaned ourselves as best as we could and switched into some dry clothes and pacing our soaked boots at the fire place in the main building. After dinner, we decided to move our gear to the upstairs level of the dormitory which was not occupied, and thus had that floor all to ourselves for the night.