After a lousy breakfast, we left the Rifugio quickly downhill with magnificent views of the Civetta's soaring towers. After a while we started climbing through a rough and wooded area and a steady climb, crossing eroded gullies and a very steep and tricky path over loose rocks to Forcella Col Dell'Orso. At this col we enjoyed spectacular views of Mt. Framont. A much easier path followed through dwarf pines and up a steep section just below a huge rock face where a flock of sheep were congregated. Shortly after, we reached Forcella del Camp, below which was a bench with a crucifix where we took a break to enjoy the amazing views surround us.

Going down hill further, initially through trees sand shrubs, across a moraine field, and later though a wooded section with a soft footed trail. The trail then started to climb back up a ridge which brought us directly on the terrace of Rifugio Bruto Carestiato. Here we had our usual coffee and pie before taking off to Passo Duran, our destination for the day. Following a dirt road for a while and then a trail across a large field that dropped us on the road at Rifugio San Sebastiano. This Rifugio was the best one we encountered on this trek, both in accommodation and the food! We got a room with our own bathroom, which was quite a luxury I took advantage of by taking a loooong shower.

The rest of the afternoon we relaxed on the terrace and playing checkers. Around dinner time we talked to a family from Spain about the weather the following day. The forecast called for lot of rain and snow at the higher elevations. The AV1 route would take us over a high ridge with some exposure, and the snow would make this a dangerous adventure! Sander and I decided to get up early and check out the weather at that time before making a decision whether to take our chances across the mountain or hike down the mountain and take a bus to Belluno.