Moonrock Park, March 12, 2020.

Today we decided to hike  another mountain, called Dogskin Peak.  After a wonderful breakfast of eggs and pancakes at a funky restaurant called Squeeze, we drove north towards the start of the climb.  When we got close to the mountain, we navigated over and around we wash boarded section of dirt road until we reached the turn-off for Moonrock Park.  Just after the Moonrock area, we noticed some wild horses plotting along. A short time later we turned right to take us to the starting point for the climb to Dogskin.  We slowly navigated the sandy dirt road which the truck had no problems with.  After a while, Diana and Jorge determined that we were on wrong track, and turned to truck around to take a road that would get us to the correct road.  A short while later, we came to a junction, where we initially turned right, but figured we had to turn left. When Jorge turned the truck around however, he navigated over a big bump that caused the truck to get stuck!

Looking under the truck, we decided to first remove all the dirt from under the truck to give it enough clearance and get the truck moving again.  Unfortunately that this not work, because the rear wheels just kept spinning. We figured the solution would be to place some rock underneath one of the wheels to give it enough traction.  Now, normally you find rocks laying around mountain roads like this everywhere, but not here!  All we could find were dead branches of scrubs.  We tried using these dead would, but it was just to soft and brittle it was useless.  We branched out, to find some rocks, but could not find anything.  Finally, Jorge walked down a slope to a dirt track, where he found several small rocks, which we put under and around the wheel, thinking that would do the trick.  However, after starting the trick back up, the wheel still kept spinning and spitting out the rocks from under it. After repeating this few times, Jorge and I went back to the road, to find some large rocks, which we carried back up the slope.  This time we lifted the truck up as high as we could and placed the large rocks underneath the wheel so it would have enough traction to get us out of our predicament.  Diana and I climbed into the back of thr truck to give it some extra weight.   Jorge started the truck and moved it backwards slowly.  This time the wheel had grip and the truck started to move.  A sudden jolt caused me to slam into the wall between the cabin and the truck bed.  Jorge then quickly moved the truck forward and we were out of the hole!!  My shoulder was feeling a little tied, but nothing was broken so we were lucky there.  After Jorge stopped the truck, we gathered all our equipment and drove to the main dirt road.  The whole ordeal took about two hours.

After that adventure we decided to call it a day and not climb Dogskin anymore, but stop at Moonrock Park for a short walk.  On the way there, we noticed some pronghorn roaming around and crossing the road in front of us.  

Moonrock Park is a big playground for off road vehicles, thst try to go up and over some of these rocks.  Pretty amazing!  After roaming around the area for a while, we drove back home for a shower and a nice dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, my favorite!