Horse Corral and Peak Bagger peaks, March 13, 2020.

On my last day of hiking in the Reno area, Diana and Jorge drove me north of town, to a Horse Corral, where the keep rounded up wild horses to make sure they are fed properly and survive the harsh winters.  You can actually buy these horses for a minimum donation of $125, but you must be able to take care of them and train them properly.

Right next to the Corral, is a nice area with some cool looking hills which we decided to explore.  There are two peaks that are listed on the Peak Bagger website and because I just had registered on that site to post all peaks I have climbed so far, I just had to "bag" these two!  The climbs to these peaks were not super difficult, except for the winds that really started to pick up, especially when we reached the second high point.  Going back towards our starting point we "bagged" two more unlisted peaks before getting to the car for the ride home.

This was a great final hiking day in a beautiful area around Reno, NV.