Emigdio Mountain, Brush Mountain, and Lockwood Peak, June 25, 2016.

With the help of Jorge, I hiked 3 peaks in the Frazier/Pine Mountain area.  Emigdio  and Brush Mountains can be hiked from the same parking area at Marion Campground, northwest of Pine Mountain.  The hike to Emigdio mountain is a 6 mile round trip walk on a dirt road, followed by 100 yards cross country to the unaspiring summit.  The highlight of the trip was the beautiful flowers and mushrooms we encountered on the way. 

Once we were back at the campground, we immediately continued up the steep jeep road for about 1 mile to Brush Mountain.  Once we reached the high point at bump 7,048 it was a mere 0.2 miles to the "summit" of Brush Mountain.  The HPS Register was not located here, but 0.3 miles farther on a rocky outcrop at bump 7,028.  (Don't ask me why they did this....). We quickly returned to our truck for lunch, and to drive to our final peak of the day.

Lockwood Peak is located south of Frazier Mountain, in an area that had been hit by fires.  After driving for about 3.5 miles on a dirt road, we arrived at the trailhead, and immediately felt the warm air hitting us.  From the starting point we hiked down to a creek bed (no water), and continued for about 2 miles without any gain in elevation, to where two ducks indicated the start of the very steep climb (up to a 47% incline) up a gully that leads to the summit.  Once we got to the top, I slowly recovered, drinking fluids and eating some fruit.  After signing the Register, we quickly went down the same gully, and followed the trail back to our truck.

After washing off the salt from our faces, we drove back to Sylmar, where I got into my car to go home.