Back to  Mount San Jacinto to climb Folly  and Drury Peaks.

Having missed the HPS scheduled hike on July 13, I decided to try for these peaks today.  After a 2.5 hour drive to the trailhead, I found the parking area completely packed with cars and people.  So much for a wilderness experience...

The starting point had several road/trails going every which way, and I promptly took the wrong one, ending up at a number of cabins.  I dropped down quickly to a dirt road and noticed a sign "TRAIL", and figured I was finally on the right track.  The first 2 miles of the trail are very steep, and I had to make numerous breaks to catch my breath.  I took a break a little before the junction with the Deer Springs Trail, where a large group of 40 Mexican hikers just got ready to move up the mountain. 

After this point, the gradient got easier, and I quickly caught up and passed the loud Mexican entourage.  Climbing further, I passed the Little Round Valley campground, going up the switchbacks to the turnoff for the summit of Mt. San Jacinto.  Not knowing exactly how to get to Folly Peak, I pulled out my GAIA gps which directed me towards it by backtracking on the trail for a short distance where I found a duck.  I got off the trail here, and with the help of the gps went cross country to the first high point of Folly.  I climbed the huge boulders to the top, from where I had a great view of San Jacinto and the desert far below.  I noticed however, that this was not the high point of Folly, so I clambered down the rocks and through brush to go to the higher area, again climbing over and around huge boulders.  Once I reached the top, I took a break to enjoy the view and eat some snacks.  I looked around, but did not find the HPS Register. 

After a while I dropped straight down the Peak in order to get back to the main trail, having to circumnavigate large areas of manzanita brush.  Once I found the trail, I noticed Drury Peak not too far in the distance.  My thought was to hike straight to it from where I was, but unfortunately the manzanita was too thick to do this.  So, I hiked down towards the Little Round Valley Campground, from where it was a fairly easy climb to the summit of Drury.  At the top I did find the HPS Register and added my name to it.  I did find the entry by the Bill Simpson group of a few days ago, and noticed they were there around 5 pm, so they must have had a loong day!

Going down from the peak I experienced the usual directional uncertainty, but ended up at the same point where I had started the climb to Drury, so all was well.  Hiking back down the 4.5 miles to the trailhead was un-eventful, if not tiring, due to the steepness of the last few miles.