After last month's failed summit bid of Heald due to snow and ice, I joined Peter and Ignacia for a second attempt.  After meeting the group of 12 in Mojave, we drove to the trailhead, and started hiking around 10:20am.  The first 1000 feet to the saddle between Heald and Nicholls was pretty hard.  Just below the saddle was a large field for wildflowers welcoming us.  After a short break we hiked up the ridge towards Heald,  walking around more spectacular flowers.  The section just below the rocky part of the climb was pretty difficult for me, with my feet protesting intensely.  The lunch break made a big difference though, and going up the rocks to the plateau was 10x easier than a month ago!  Once on the plateau we had to get passed the actual summit of Heald to the far end of the plateau which has the memorial plaque of Weldon Heald.  Mr Heald had come up with the idea for the 100 Peaks section, and in 1946 organized the first 100 Peaks scheduled hike.  Unfortunately this area was hit by a fire, and had a large number of dead trees.  After taking some pictures and signing the register,  we headed back down.  By the time we got back to the saddle below Nicolls, my feet were pretty much "cooked", and I decided not to climb Nicholls.  While the rest of the group went for the summit, Ignacia and I dropped down back to the cars, where we had a nice chat until they got back down.  This time we drove  out in daylight, which made it easier to find our way back to the main road.  Once back in Mojave, I bought a "delicious" burger at McDonalds and drove home where I arrived 11:00pm.  Sounds like a long day for a 7 mile hike, but it was well worth it!!