Heart Bar Peak Hike, June 18, 2016

This Peak had been on my "To Do" list for a number of years, but because it is a little out of the way, and pretty short it never happened until now.  The hike is only 5 miles round trip, mainly on road.  Following the road as described in the HPS write-up, I enjoyed the many beautiful flowers, especially the flowering cacti, all the while looking for a "left fork" in the road.  Not having noticed any forks, I kept going on the road, which became quite steep the higher I went.  After about 3 miles, the road suddenly dead-ended.  I noticed the highpoint of the peak on my right, and shortly after reached the summit that had some sticks with wires planted in the ground, but no Register.  When I checked my GPS, I found out that I was on the wrong peak!!  This peak is about 500 feet higher than Heart Bar Peak.  (I am not sure why the HPS Section of the Sierra Club did not pick this one to add to their list instead of Heart Bar).

After taking a few pictures, I dropped down to the saddle between the two peaks, and found the ducks that marked the use trail to Heart Bar.  I took this trail but lost it shortly after, which caused me having to bushwhack over a false summit to the actual high point of Heart Bar Peak.

The Peak had an HPS Register, which went all  the way back to 1992!  After enjoying the view and taking some pictures, I was able to follow the use trail back down to the road and back to the car.  Total mileage of the hike was a little over 8 miles