The Five Lakes trail near Zermatt.

Today I did a wonderful hike around Zermatt: The famous Five Lakes hike, with continuing views of the Matterhorn all the way.

After taking the train from Tasch into Zermatt, I walked the half mile to the Sunnega funicular.  The ride up on the funicular takes about 4.5 minutes, going through a carved out tunnel until you reach the Sunnegga family paradise.  The views from here are already spectacular!  After taking some pictures here, I took the gondola to Blauherd.  Once there, I started the wonderful hike to the 5 lakes.  The view the first lake was amazing, with the clear view of the Matterhorn and its reflection in the water!  The walk to the other 4 lakes was highly enjoyable, especially since the weather was perfect!

The whole hike was about 8 miles, mostly downhill, except for the last part getting back to the funicular.  I highly recommend this hike to anyone.