Montecito Peak hike, September 16, 2017.

Jorge and I decided on a hike further to the West, to Montecito Peak, just north of the city of Montecito in Los Padres National Forest.

This is a wonderful hike, where for the first mile and a half you hike through a beautiful forest following Cold Springs Creek with several small waterfalls.  This section of the trail must be absolutely wonderful after a serious rain, when the creek is full of water.

After about 1.5 miles, we reached a dirt service road, with great views down to the coast line.  The trail is now more open as you continue for another mile around the west side of the Peak to a turnoff just below the summit.  These last couple of hundred feet of gain to the peak are steep, but we conquered it quickly.  From the summit we had great views of Santa Barbara and the coast line, until the incoming fog from the ocean shrouded the landscape.  The summit had a large register box, which was full completely soaked registers and a flash light that actually still worked!

We hiked down the same trail back to the trail head, making a very short side track to an unnamed peak, with no views!