Pinyon Peak hike, Dec. 22, 2017.

Jorge and I decided on a nice hike to Pinyon Peak today.  We met at the ride share at Newhall Avenue, after which we drove to Palmdale to pick up some breakfast at Panera restaurant.  From there, we drove into the desert, with the temperature dropping to 16 degrees.  Brrrr!  Fortunately, the temperature increased to a balmy 35 degrees by the time we reached the trailhead, just after Walker Pass on Hwy 178. 

The first mile of the tail was relatively flat, and after a sharp right turn actually dropped down about 400 feet to a narrow creek.  The creek crossing was not too bad, but included some thrashing through thick vegetation.  From the other side of the creek, the trail went steeply up and over several bumps, before reaching the final climb to the summit rocks.  A short scramble up the rocks put us on a plateau that lead to the actual peak and HPS register.  After signing the register, we went back to the summit rocks, where we took a nice break and enjoyed the great views of peaks we had climbed in the past. 

The hike back down was easy, except for the creek, which took some searching for a good place to cross it.  Jorge found a spot where we could just jump across the narrow creek, except for the very heavy brush and dead trees.  After an other battle with the dead wood we reached the other side, and were home free!

The last mile back to the car was quickly covered, and after loading our gear, we drove back to civilization, having enjoyed a great hike on a beautiful day.