Rocky Peak hike February 19, 2017

The first hike of the “New” year was an easy 6 mile walk up to Rocky Peak in Simi Valley. After the huge rain storm of the previous days, it did not look like this hike would happen, due to the many trail closures because of the mud slides everywhere. However, Jorge was able to come up with this hike, which follows an old “rocky” road, which takes you close to the Peak. Even though it was dry, the closer we got to the summit, the low clouds made sure we had zero visibility. This made it hard figuring out where the actual Rocky Peak was, so we decided to climb every peak on the way to it. Eventually we reached the summit, and after signing the register dropped back down to the main road via a slightly different route. Shortly before getting back to the car, we took a short “lunch” break at a peak that overlooks the freeway. Driving back to Jorge’s house the weather had changed, with beautiful blue skies and warmer temperatures.