Seven Hanging Valleys Trial hike.

Today I hiked this well known trail along the Algarve Coast.  According to the information provided on the internet, the trail was supposed to be about 6 km.  Teresatook  me to the starting point of the trail, at Praia Marinha, a 15 minute drive from our hotel.  The first part of the trail is the most spectacular, with a beatiful beach, grottoes, stony arches, natural bridges and precareous sea stacks. 

I took my time taking all this scenery in and enjoying the changing colors of the water, from azure to bright blue.  From there, trail went up and down numerous times along deep gorges, secluded coves, and huge sinkholes.

The trail is listed as 6km,  but by the time I was back at the hotel, I had hiked more than 10km!  I can highly recommend walking this amazing stretch of coastline, and can promise you will not a bored!