The Conde.

When you drive around the southwest part of Tenerife, you cannot miss its most striking mountain: The Conde.  This is one peak I really wanted to climb.  My first attempt was a bust; by the time I got to the starting point of the hike, it was raining hard, which made the hike out of the question.

With the weather much improved, today was the day to get it done!  After breakfast, I drove to the hamlet of Vento and quickly found the trailhead.  Before hitting the serious climb, I had to cross three Barrancos, the last of which is a pretty deep canyon, with a steep pathway down to the bottom, and a just as steep path going back up on the other side.  From there the trail continuously went up, up, and up, with a few rough stretches.  Once I reached the upper plateau, the views were stupendous all around to the top! 

After taking pictures, and having a snack break, I took the same path back down the mountain, without any stumbles or falls!!