Roque Taborno.

The Anaga area of the island is beautiful, and quite different from the southwest corner, with an almost jungle like forest and quite steep terrain.  After arriving in the hamlet of Taborno, I walked to the town's chapel, which is perched to a cliff with beautiful views all around.  Walking downhill, I immediately followed a path towards a some houses, and reached a dead end!  Walking back a little bit, I found the actual trail, which steeply dropped down a canyon.  Following the ridge trail with drop offs on both sides, the path dropped down along a rock face.  The trail became narrower and narrower, clinging to the rock face on the one side a dropping down hundreds of feet on the other side.  With the path becoming only about a foot or less wide, I became quite uncomfortable going any further, and made the decision to call it quits!  Disappointed, but realizing I made the right call, I walked back towards the start of the trail.  After a short while, I noticed a well trodden trail going along the left side of Taborno.  I took this path and followed it all the way  around the Rock, to a wonderful viewpoint.  

After a short break I decided to take the same trail back to the starting point, rather than going the more hazardous other side of the Rock.  On the way back, I passed a young women who was carrying a small baby.  Crazy!!  

The walk took two hours, and because of the high humidity I was completely soaked!  Teresa and I then had a nice luncheon at the town's only restaurant.