Carvoeiro, Portugal.

After  a 38 hour ferry ride from Tenerife, we arrived back on the mainland in Huelva, Spain.  Our first task was to find a carwash to clean off all the salt from the car.  Once that was done, we drove into Portugal without any COVI issues.  

We arrived at our hotel after dark, and enjoyed a nice dinner at their restaurant.  This morning we woke up with the sounds of the waves from the ocean, and noticed the spectacular view from our room!

We had a fabulous breakfast on the outside terrace of the restaurant.  How fortunate we are to be able to enjoy all this!!

I decided to do some exploring of the cliffs around the hotel, which are pretty amazing.  Around every corner the views just became better and better!!

Back at the hotel, we had a relaxing lunch and afterwards went back to our room to enjoy the view of the ocean ant cliffs.  A wonderful first day in Portugal!!